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No Drama, here! Subtle and flared, this clustered natural lash is perfect for everyday wear. The only thing they'll be gossiping about is how good you look.


Shape: Flare
Volume: Full
Pattern: Criss-Cross
Length : 7-12.5mm
Band: ¾ Length

How to use?

STEP 1. Gently remove lashes from the tray. Toggle the band back and forth to ensure the lash isn’t stiff for application.

STEP 2. Brush a thin layer of White Latex-Free Lash Adhesive on the band and wait 30 seconds. Add a little extra to the corners for extra hold.

STEP 3. Grasp the lash with the Too Easy Applicator and place it on top of your lashes, as close to your natural lash line as possible. Lastly, secure the corners.